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Skills to restore lives

Back On The Road provide opportunities for those experiencing addiction to gain work experience and community

Skills to restore lives

Back on the Road (BotR) is a Community Interest Company (CIC), helping individuals gain volunteer experience in the restoration of vintage vehicles and learn metalwork projects. Originally founded in 1999, Back on the Road is a unique employability programme based within Glasgow’s east end working with those in recovery from alcohol and/ or substance misuse issues.

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Preserving History.
Changing Futures.


Back on the Road (BotR) was established in 1999 as the first of six Employment Projects of Scotland Against Drugs (SAD) which was a Scottish Government initiative to tackle drug misuse in Scotland.


Back on The Road now operates as a Community Interest Company (CIC). The programme hopes to offer 25 individuals per year a space to improve their employability skills and gain volunteer work within community-based projects.

listen to bridgeton

Providing a programme which allows people to feel welcome and wanted is a key aspect of what BotR provides. “Listen to Bridgeton”, a short documentary directed and produced by Callum Rice was filmed in 2017. It gives an insight into what BotR and the facility has meant to one of the BotR participants, seen through his eyes. He talks about how unique the facility is and the sanctuary it had given him which helped him come to terms and overcome previous traumas associated with his experience of addiction. He now volunteers with a community rehabilitation service supporting people in their recovery. He continues to keep in touch.